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Well, I hated to do it, but I sold my VHS Lowrider Magazine (LRM) videos. Before I sold them, I spot checked them to make sure they were in good shape. Watching them really brought back memories of a simpler, less stressful time. I hope you enjoy checking out the box covers below as much as I do. Don't forget too that the first LRM video came out in 1990!

I was pleased that there was an interest in these. I sold all eight in one auction and they went for a final sniped bid of $26 (a total of 8 bids) plus $15 S/H. There were about 200 "hits" on my auction. BTW, does anyone know what Anjanette is doing these days?

  • LRM-V101, The Video, 1990
  • LRM-V202, 1990 Los Angeles Super Show, Hosted by Anjanette
  • LRM-V3003, Low Rider Magazine Video III, The Cruzin' Tour, Pomona, Tulare, Stockton, Mesa
  • LRM-V4003, SouthWest Tour, Hosted by Anjanette & Kid Frost, Albequerque, San Diego, Houston, 1991 Los Angeles Super Show
  • LRM-V5005, '92 Fiesta Tour, Low Rider Video V, Pomona, Sacramento, Denver, Dallas, Japan
  • LRM-V6006, Las Vegas Super Show!, Hosted by Anjanette, Low Rider Magazine Video VI
  • LRM-V8008, World Tour, Sacramento, Phoenix, San Diego, Houston, Miami, Denver, Honolulu, Dallas, Los Angeles, Video VIII
  • LRM-V9009, Classic Tour, 13 Hot Tour Stops Nationwide, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Oakland, San Bernardino, Kansas City, Miami, Denver, Houston, Portland, Dallas, San Francisco, and Honolulu, Video IX