Sure, that's "portable" if you're Arnold Schwarzenegger
I complain about my 7 pound Dell Inspiron 9300 being too heavy. Well, back in the 80s, I could have spent 50% more to purchase the classic Osborne 1 with a fraction of the CPU power, memory and disk (actually, floppy disk) storage not to mention having the added feature of building your biceps.

The guy on the left doesn't stand a chance.

The guy on the left has two file folders, a news magazine, and a sandwich.

The guy on the right has the OSBORNE 1®, a fully functional computer system in a portable package the size of a briefcase. Also in the case are the equivalent of over 1600 typed pages, stored on floppy diskettes.

The owner of the OSBORNE 1 is going to get more work done—and better work done—in less time, and with less effort.

Unfold it, plug it in, and go to work like you've never worked before. . . .

Go to work with WORDSTAR ''' word processing, so your correspondence, reports, and memos take less time to produce, and say more of what you wanted to say. And with MAILMERGE®—the mailing system that turns out personalized mass mailings in the time you'd spend on a rough draft.

Go to work with SUPERCALC®, the electronic spreadsheet package that handles complex projections, financial planning, statistics, and "what if" questions instantly. For the more technically minded, SUPERCALC will process scientific data and calculate results.

Go to work with powerful BASIC language tools—the CBASIC-2® business BASIC, or the Microsoft BASIC® interpreter.

That's standard equipment.

Options include about a thousand different software packages from a host of vendors designed to run on the CP/M® computer system.

Go to work at the office, at home, or in the field.

Or anywhere. Optional battery packs and telephone Circle 325 on inquiry card. transmission couplers mean you need never work without the capabilities of the OSBORNE 1. That's good, because you won't want to work again without it.

All for $1795. It's inevitable.

The OSBORNE 1 is the productivity machine that's changing the way people work. Put simply, the machine delivers a significant productivity edge—day in and day out—to virtually anyone who deals with words or numbers. Or both.

Since the entire system is only $1795, it won't be too long before the guy on the left has an OSBORNE 1 of his own. The same probably goes for the person reading this ad. In fact, we think it's inevitable.

The OSBORNE 1 includes a Z80A®CPU, 64K bytes of RAM memory, two 100 kilobyte floppy disk drives, a business keyboard, built-in monitor, IEEE 488 and RS232 interfaces for printers and other things that get connected to computers, plus CP/M, CBASIC-2, Microsoft BASIC, WORDSTAR, and SUPERCALC. The system is available from computer retailers nationally.

$1795. It's inevitable.